Simulator Working Model


The Instruction board adopts the real components of electronic fuel injection system to illustrate engine fuel system structure and working principle. The components are rigged onto colour circuit diagram. And made functional. Features

  1. Real and operatable engine fuel injection system is assembled onto a colour printed board to illustrating the structure and working process. 2. Colored circuit diagram on the training Module printed ,Where in the students can compare the diagram and actual diagram. 3. Detection terminals for operator to detect various sensors, actuators, electrical signals for engine control unit, such as resistive, voltage, current , frequency and wave form signals are provided on to the printed circuit diagram.  4. The training module is fitted with diagnostic socket (DLC) for universal automobile decoder (Scan tool) to read fault codes, clear fault codes and read data stream.  5. Fault setting switch bank will be provided to induce faults in the training module to demonstrate the fault and to diagnose faults.  6. Set the line break, grounding short circuit, improper contact or open circuit faults can be induced, user can adjust the number and type of faults.  7. Good working condition Parts will be provided with fuel tank. The instruction board has to be connected to 220V AC socket Which changes to 12V DC internally so that the board works without battery.  8. The training module is fabricated using steel pipe frame with spray painted for good looks and the entire setup is provided with caster wheels with brakes for easy movement of the same. 9.  To simulate the engine running, the crank and cam tone wheels will be motorized using variable speed DC motor, so that by varying the speed of the motor the crank shaft position sensor and cam shaft position sensor signals can be varied in turn the spray pattern of the fuel spray from the Injectors and Spark duration along the sparkplugs also vary, simulating the variable speed of an engine assembly.

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