Simulator ABS 4


The device is designed on the ABS system, where in the principle of operation and working of the same can be demonstrated . A parts and accessories are arranged on to a Colour printed board. And the system is made functional. Features

  1. 1. Real and operatable ABS brake system is assembled onto a colour printed board to illustrating the structure and working process. The front and rear Disc Brake with calipers are coupled to two different three phase motor with electric drives to rotate the front disc and rear disc separately. A brake Pedal along with vacuum booster is connected to the Front caliper system and rear drum brake system, a vacuum pump will be connected to the booster to demonstrate the effect of vacuum in the pedal operation. 3. The Device is connected with Pressure meters to demonstrate the different pressure at different locations in the brake system. 4. Colored circuit diagram on the training Module printed on to 6mm organic glass base. Where in the students can compare the diagram and actual diagram.
  2. The ABS system will be provided with necessary wiring and will be fitted with ABS modulator with ABS ECU. 6. The training module is fitted with diagnostic socket (DLC) for universal automobile decoder (Scan tool) to read fault codes, clear fault codes and read data stream.
  3. 7. By connecting the ABS module to a 3 phase Connection and connecting the Battery provided, the Working of ABS system can be demonstrated, by pressing the accelerator pedal the speed along the front disc brake and rear drum brake varies, the speed of front and rear wheels can be controlled separately. 8. The training module is fabricated using steel pipe frame with spray painted for good looks and the entire setup is provided with caster wheels with brakes for easy movement of the same.

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