Micro Controller Trainer

• 8 bit microcontroller P89V51RD2 which
operates at 11.0592 MHz frequency.
• LED and switch interface.
• LCD Display (16×2).
• 4 Seven segment display
• Hex keyboard (4×4 matrix) for calculator
Display o/p on LCD or seven segments.
• ADC 0808/09 and temp controller interface.
• Generation of different wave Form sine,
square, triangular, ramp etc, using DAC.
• Stepper motor and DC motor control
• EEPROM Interface.
• DS1307, Real Time Clock (RTC) with battery battery
backup (i2c).
• Elevator with 8 floors.
• Serial communication between P.C. and 8051.
• Buzzer interface
• Good quality PCB Glass epoxy FR4 material
• On board ground test point for testing and
connecting CRO.
• Power ON LED indication for +ve and –Ve
• On board –Ve voltage generator.
• All IC’s on socket so easy serviceable.
• External power supply connection facility
• On board Regulator
• In case of service by removing 4 screws board
easily removable.
• Board is easy to understand so can be used
for project development.

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