Sensor Trainer Kit

containing Various sensors like Thermocouple, RTD, Thermocouple, load cell, strain gauge,
LVDT, smoke sensors, speed sensor
Sensor Trainer Kit:- The kit must contain the following sensor trainers
LVDT : Measurement range :- 20mm(±10mm),
Sensitivity:- 10mVDC/mm, on board excitation generator with amplitude measuring
facility, seven segment display with polarity indicator, on board displacement jig with
THERMOCOUPLE:- J/K thermocouple , facility to gain adjustment, facility to study the
characteristics of thermocouple with and without compensation , Thermometer for
temperature measurement upto 1000C, Water heater with AC mains chord, on board
digital panel meter and on board instrumentation amplifier
RTD:- Facility to plot and study the characteristics RTD and to measure temperature
transducer PT100, signal conditioning circuit with excitation source of constant current,
digital panel meter .
Accessories: Beaker ,Heating Rod, RTD (PT-100),Thermometer (0- 1000C)STRAINGAUGE

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