Pneumatic Trainer Kit

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Trainer kits are designed to demonstrate the Design, Construction and application of Hydraulic and Pneumatic system components and circuits.

Pneumatic Trainer Kit , each consisting of the following matching components and accessories:

1.Single acting cylinder, Max. stroke length 50mm, Bore Dia. 20mm

2.Double acting cylinder, Max. stroke length 100mm, Bore Dia. 20mm

3.3/2- Way valve, manually – actuated

4.3/2- Way valve, pneumatically –  actuated

5.One – way flow control valve (NRV)

6.5/2- Way valve, manually – actuated

7.5/2- Way valve, pneumatically –  actuated

8.5/2-Way pneumatic actuated valve

9.3/2-Way roller lever valve

10.Shuttle valve (OR)

11.Two-pressure valve (AND)

12.Pressure gauge

13.Manifold with self closing

14.Pushbutton station with Relay station and Power Supply Unit, 24V DC

15.3/2-Way Single solenoid valve

16.5/2-Way single solenoid valve, with manual override and LED

17.5/2-Way double solenoid valve, with manual override and LED

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