Hydraulic Trainer Kit

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Trainer kits are designed to demonstrate the Design, Construction and application of Hydraulic and Pneumatic system components and circuits.

Hydraulic Trainer Kit , each consisting of the following matching components and accessories:

1.Pressure relief valve pilot operated

2.Drip tray, steel size 1160mm x 760mm

3.Pressure Gauge Glycerin-damped, Indication range of: 0-100 bar

4.Four-Way distributor with five ports, equipped with a pressure gauge

5.Double acting hydraulic cylinder with a control cam, piston diameter 16mm, Piston rod diameter 10mm, stroke length 200mm

6.Suitable weight for vertical loading of hydraulic cylinder

7.Mounting kit for weight for realizing pulling and pushing load

8.3/2-Way directional control valve with hand lever actuation

9.4/2-Way directional control valve with hand lever actuation

10.4/3-Way directional control valve closed-centre position, with hand lever actuation

11.Non-return valve

12.Pilot operated check valve pilot to open

13.One-way flow control valve with integrated check valve

14.T-Connector with self sealing coupling nipples and quick coupling socket.

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