Digital Analog Bread Board Trainer


Model: ADBB-19

Supply Voltage:  230V AC 50Hz +/-10%
Output Voltage AC:   0-9-15-18-30/300 mA
Output Voltage DC:  +5 Volt /500mA Fixed Output
Level Switches:  8 toggle Switches to force level to +5V or 0 volt for   LOGIC SETTING
Resistors (0.5Watt):  100Ω to 1M Ohm
Display:  LED Display, 8 Nos.
Signal Generator:  1 Hz to 100 KHz with 0 to 12 V peak to peaks for Sine
  wave  & +5 Volts TTL Level for Square Wave
Voltmeter:  Built in Digital Voltmeter 0-200V Range
Speaker:  8- ohms inbuilt speaker for audio use
Potential Meter:  470 Ohm to 470 Kohm
Bread Board:   Solder less Bread Board 2400 tie points 2 Nos.


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