Fiber Optic Trainer


Fiber optic transmitter : 2wavelengths (660nm and 950nm)
Fiber optic receiver : 2 types (PIN photo diode, photo transistor – detector )
On-board function generator 1Hz ~ 10KHz
Fiber optic analog link and digital link
Modulation techniques :
Direct intensity modulation
Frequency modulation
Pulse width modulation(PWM)
Pulse position modulation(PPM)
Voice communication


Transmitter : Two fiber optics LED
Transmitter 01 : Peak wavelength of emission 660nm red visible
Transmitter 02 : Peak wavelength of emission 950nm
Receiver : Two fiber optic photo detector
Receiver 01 : PIN photo diode with responsively of 0.3 µA
Receiver 02 : Photo Detector with TTL Logic output

On-Board Signals

Sine Wave
-Frequency : 1Hz ~ 10KHz
-Amplitude : 0 ~ 4 VPP
 TTL-Square Wave
-Frequency : 1Hz ~ 10KHz

Modulation techniques
-Direct intensity modulation
-Frequency modulation
-Pulse width modulation (PWM) (with variable clock 4 K z, 8 KHz, 16 KHz, and 32 KHz)
– Pulse position modulation (PPM) (with variable clock 4KHz, 8 KHz, 16 KHz, and 32 KHz)

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