Evaciatomg & Regrigerant Charging Station

ANALOG  COMPONENT TRAINER Model:  ACT-19 Specification Input: 230V AC 50Hz +/-10% Output DC Supply: +5V & +/-12V @ 1 A, Output AC Supply: 9 – 0 – 9 /500mA Analog Components: 12 series ½ Watt resistors (Ohms, K Ohms, Mega Ohms values) Capacitors: Electrolytic, Non electrolytic Diode, Zener Diodes, FET, LDR, MOSFETS, TRIAC, DIAC, Transistors, Regulators, LEDs, Crystal, Inductor and Potentiometers. Terminals: All connections are multi color 2mm socket soldering type assembled in Glass epoxy Printed Circuit Board, Above Board mounted on attractive Powder coated cabinet. With Patch cord, & Instruction Manual

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