OP AMP Trainer


Model: OP-20

Input: 230V AC 50Hz +/-10%
Output DC Supply: +/-5V/1A, +/-12V/1A, +/-1.2 to +/-15V/1A Variable
Output AC Supply: 15-0-15 AC
On Board IC 741, Digital Meter 3 ½ Digit, Clock Generator: Range: 1 Hz to
10 KHz, On Board: Potentiometers – 1K, 4.7K, 10 K, 47 K,100 K & 470 K with terminations, Bread Board: 2 Nos.
All connections are multi color 2mm socket, assembled in Glass epoxy Printed Circuit Board, Above Board mounted on attractive Powder coated cabinet With patch chord & instruction Manual

Study of operational amplifier (op – amp IC 741) parameters and operational amplifier amplification such as inverting amplifier, non – inverting amplifier, integrator and differentiator, difference amplifier, summing amplifier, and voltage follower, study of operational amplifier advance applications, Test points provided on panel at various stages in the circuit.


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