Air Bag Simulator


The Instruction board adopts the real components of  Air bag system to illustrate Air bag safety system structure and working principle. The components are rigged onto colour circuit diagram and made functional.


1. Real and operatable Air bag system  is assembled onto a colour printed board to illustrating the structure and working process.

2. The model is equipped with seat cart, seat belt for actual working principle of the system.

3. The Vehicle Crash is Simulated by pushing and hitting the  crash sensor along the seat cart provided to demonstrate the quick air bag inflation.

4. A person can sit in the seat cart secured with seat belt and by pushing the seat cart and colliding to the spring on the opposite side, the air bag will explode and a real feel of collision can be experienced with air bag safety.

5. The training module is fabricated using steel pipe frame with spray painted for good looks and the entire setup is provided with caster wheels with brakes for easy movement of the same.

6. To use the air bag for multiple usages a compress air system along with a air compressor is provided to simulate the inflation of the air bag

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